Shooting »DAS LETZTE MAHL« / »THE LAST SUPPER« under the direction of Florian Frerichs

In Potsdam we are currently shooting „Das letzte Mahl“ / „The Last Supper“ under the direction of Florian Frerichs.

The film deals with the jewish family Glickstein’s evening on the day of Adolf Hitler’s seizure of power due to his appointment as the Reich Chancellor by Reich President Paul von Hindenburg on 19th February 1933.

I play the role of the son Michael Glickstein, who sympathises with the National Socialists despite of his jewish affiliation, confesses himself to Hitler and drags his family through the mire.

Part of the amazing cast are Michael Degen, Daphna Rosenthal, Bruno Eyron, Sharon Brauner, Bela B Felsenheimer, Judith Hoersch, Adrian Topol and Mira Goeres.

Still: © Andrea Hansen Photography