63rd German Reading Competition 2021/22.

The grand final of the 63rd German Reading Competition 2021/22! 📚🏆
Out of 480,000 students, 16 state winners were able to qualify for the national finals in 5 rounds of decision-making.
Ada Grossmann from Bavaria was finally able to win the race during the live broadcast.
For Patrick Mölleken, it was a great pleasure and special task to be able to be part of this year’s jury alongside his colleagues Angelika Schaack, Tim Gailus, Julian Greis, and Lucie Mathias (national winner 2020/21).
At the same time, it was a real challenge for him: »These impressive 16 kids started the finals with so much heart and talent that it was anything but easy to choose a national winner. With their enthusiasm for stories and the ability to pass them on, they all have a »superpower« that makes them winners to me. Thanks to Muschda Sherzada for the great and empathetic moderation!«

»To read is to dream through someone else’s hand« – Fernando Pessoa

Recording: www.vorlesewettbewerb.de/finale

Photos: Mo Wüstenhagen Fotografie
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