Portrait of Patrick Moelleken

Film Shooting for the »Traumnovelle« / »Dream Story«

The shooting of the feature film »Traumnovelle« / »Dream Story« is currently taking place in Berlin and at Studio Babelsberg under the direction of Florian Frerichs (»The Last Supper«). A production by Warnuts Entertainment in co-production with Studio Babelsberg. Photo: Lars-Kjeld Riedel / Warnuts Entertainment

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The 24th Media Award HIV/AIDS 2021/22

As a newly appointed Member of the Board of Trustees of the German AIDS Foundation, Patrick Mölleken served as moderator and presenter at the award ceremony of the 24th HIV/AIDS Media Award 2021/22. It was presented as part of the 11th German-Austrian AIDS Congress 2023, as is customary.

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»ENDLICH FREI!« (»Finally Free!«) – The SAT.1 event for International Women’s Day

»ENDLICH FREI!« (»Finally Free!«) – The SAT.1 tv event for International Women’s Day next Tuesday at 8:15 pm. In this extraordinary TV project, three courageous women make their personal stories of domestic violence into a film. Shocking experiences that are incredibly moving but, above all, inspiring – because Sarah, Elli, and Laura vividly demonstrate how […]

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School cinema featuring »Das letzte Mahl« / »The Last Supper« on January 30th, 2023

School cinema featuring »Das letzte Mahl« / »The Last Supper« on January 30th, 2023 On today’s commemoration day, Patrick Mölleken is a guest at the Schiller-Gymnasium in Cologne with »Das letzte Mahl« / »The Last Supper« and nearly 300 young viewers! A special pleasure to spend time with the alert students and the friendly staff, […]

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»Das letzte Mahl« / »The Last Supper« as part of the Green Cinema series

A special cinema evening for Patrick Mölleken with the historical drama »Das letzte Mahl« / »The Last Supper« in the company of two impressive personalities: Abraham Lehrer (Vice President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, CEO of the ZWST & Board member of the Cologne Synagogue Community) and Arndt Klocke (Member of the […]

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13th Festive Opera Gala for the German AIDS Foundation 2022

The »13th Festive Opera Gala for the German AIDS Foundation 2022«. The chairwoman of the board Dr. Kristel Degener and her great and dedicated team put together this very special evening to send a message against HIV/AIDS and the stigmatization of those affected. All proceeds will benefit aid projects in Germany, southern Africa and Ukraine. […]

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Behind the scenes in the chocolate paradise!

Behind the Scenes im Schokoladenparadies! 🍫💚 A very special day for Patrick Mölleken alongside pastry chef legend Heinz-Richard Heinemann in the “bakery” of his world-famous Konditorei Heinemann. 🍰 For generations, Patrick’s family has felt a connection to the local traditional business and its products. And for him personally, nothing can beat the taste and quality […]

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Charity campaign for World Children’s Day 2022

Amazing charity campaign for World Children’s Day 2022 with Mattel / Fisher-Price in support of the »BILD hilft e.V. ‘Ein Herz für Kinder’« foundation: Wrapping gifts together to bring a smile to underprivileged kids’ faces. Joining in at the crafting table were Wayne Carpendale, Patrick Mölleken, little Paula 🐶 and many other dedicated volunteers. In […]

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Patrick Moelleken x AUDI

Efficient and elegant: The Audi A7 Sportback TFSI e alongside actor Patrick Mölleken in the heart of Berlin. #FutureIsAnAttitude ⚡️🎬

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63rd German Reading Competition 2021/22.

The grand final of the 63rd German Reading Competition 2021/22! 📚🏆 Out of 480,000 students, 16 state winners were able to qualify for the national finals in 5 rounds of decision-making. Ada Grossmann from Bavaria was finally able to win the race during the live broadcast. For Patrick Mölleken, it was a great pleasure and […]

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#WakeUpNow – Together against cybermobbing!

#WakeUpNow – Together against cybermobbing! On occasion of the first anniversary of the German Cybermobbing-Hilfe e.V.‘s online advice platform Patrick Mölleken supported an extraordinary school action day as an ambassador against #cyberbullying alongside initiator Lukas Pohland, host Mirko Drotschmann (MrWissen2go) and cooperation partner Telefónica Germany. The non-profit association’s work carries great weight and has offered […]

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Storytel Original »Love Between The Lines«

»Love between the lines« by Laurie Jixon. A Storytel Original starring Leonie Landa and Patrick Mölleken. Available from 27th May 2022.

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