»Das letzte Mahl« / »The Last Supper« as part of the Green Cinema series

A special cinema evening for Patrick Mölleken with the historical drama »Das letzte Mahl« / »The Last Supper« in the company of two impressive personalities: Abraham Lehrer (Vice President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, CEO of the ZWST & Board member of the Cologne Synagogue Community) and Arndt Klocke (Member of the State Parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia for Bündnis 90/Die Grünen).
As part of the »Green Cinema« series, the film was presented to the audience at the Odeon cinema in Cologne, followed by a post-film discussion.
»The Last Supper« tells the story of the Jewish Glickstein family on January 30, 1933 – that fateful day exactly 90 years ago when Adolf Hitler seized power and world history took its frightening course.
Patrick Mölleken expresses his gratitude to Abraham Lehrer and Arndt Klocke, all supporters, and the great audience for attending and contributing to the event.

Photos: János Buck

Director: Florian Frerichs
Screen-Writers: Stephan Warnatsch, Florian Frerichs
Director of Photography: Konstantin Freyer, BVK
Editor: Christian R. Timmann
Film Composer: Ingo Ludwig Frenzel
Set Designer: Itamar Zechoval
Starring: Bruno Eyron, Sharon Brauner, Michael Degen, Daphna Rosenthal, Mira Elisa Goeres, Patrick Mölleken, Bela B Felsenheimer, Sandra von Ruffin, Adrian Topol, Judith Hoersch, Werner Daehn, Jan Sosniok, Charles Brauer et al.
Postproduction Supervisor: Tobias Kruppa
Sound Design: Tobias Rüther
Mixer & Sound Editor: Christian Riegel
Producers: Florian Frerichs, Stephan Warnatsch, Bruno Eyron, Sharon Brauner, Matthias von Birkensee, Itamar Zechoval, Gidi Lewkowitz, Anette & Klaus Fiedler, Catherine Tamagni-Ackermann, Hubertus Hoffmann, alexander harnisch, Michael David Pate, Hauke Schlichting, Patrick Mölleken, Magali Angela Widmer
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