13th Festive Opera Gala for the German AIDS Foundation 2022

The »13th Festive Opera Gala for the German AIDS Foundation 2022«.
The chairwoman of the board Dr. Kristel Degener and her great and dedicated team put together this very special evening to send a message against HIV/AIDS and the stigmatization of those affected. All proceeds will benefit aid projects in Germany, southern Africa and Ukraine. Due to the Russian invasion, many patients, especially children, are facing significant challenges in getting the medical treatments they urgently need. Therefore, the Deutsche AIDS Stiftung is cooperating with the »#WeAreAllUkrainians2022« initiative by Dr. Wladimir Klitschko and Tatjana Kiel.
Patrick Mölleken: »I thank you for your long-standing friendship and all these great artists & supporters for their incredible commitment.« 🎗
If you also want to support the work of the Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung, please visit:
Photos: Anne Orthen
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