Cinema supports Ukraine! 🇺🇦

Cinema supports Ukraine! A unique fundraising campaign by the German cinema industry: On the initiative of CineStar, Cineplex and MAJESTIC Film, more than 500 cinemas across Germany have joined forces to show the moving documentary »KLITSCHKO« in a one-off special screening NOW ON SUNDAY. All proceeds, including those from unused tickets, go to »BILD hilft e.V. – Ein Herz für Kinder« to support urgent children’s aid projects in Ukraine.
There is no more suitable film for this action. The brothers Vitalyi & Wladimir Klitschko are not only heroes on the big screen, but also stand for the indomitable courage of the Ukrainian people in this difficult reality, which touches people all over the world and brings them closer together. You too can become a part of this special movement by coming to the cinema on Sunday in order to take a stand together and help the smallest victims of this terrible war.
More information on: WWW.KINO-HILFT-UKRAINE.DE
Thanks to all supporters who contribute to this campaign. Please share!

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