»SEX ZIMMER KÜCHE BAD« – Now on Amazon Prime Video!

The new Amazon exclusive series »SEX ZIMMER KÜCHE BAD« (»SZKB«) is now available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.


A production of Pantaflix Studios directed by Lars Parlaska.
In addition to Patrick Mölleken playing the role of charming drug dealer David, other actors in the series include Céline Beran, Jana Riva, Luana Knöll, Christian Torez, Lukas White, and Sascha Quade.

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime Video
Production Companies: Pantaflix Studios & Le Hof Media
Script: Tim Gondi
Director: Lars Parlaska
DoP: Zeno Legner
Casting Director: Peti Misaila-Tietjen
Creative Producer: Anette Kraska
Executive Producer: Sebastian Lang
Associate Producer: Jonas Lembeck