» Survivor« – YouTube Release on 25/11/2021

With »Survivor« the team around Sarah Bora, Patrick Mölleken and director Can Özev want to take a stand against domestic violence, embolden affected women and call for active social responsibility and civil courage. The once again pinnacling pandemic situation is an additional catalyst effect on this issue.

One in three women in Germany are affected by physical and/or sexual violence at least once in their lifetime. About one in four women becomes a victim of physical or sexual violence by her current or former domestic partner. Women of all social stratums are affected. Every third day, a femicide is committed in Germany: The murder of a woman, because she is a woman. On the 25. November of any year, the »International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women«, a global call for the fight against discrimination and violence of all forms against women and girls is taking place. (Source: BMFSFJ)

The artist Sarah Bora is taking a stand against this severe social issue already for a long time. With her new song »SURVIVOR«, she aims to give a voice to these women, who have experienced violence or are even currently affected thereby: empowerment and encouragement to not give up yourself but to fight for your own freedom and your own rights. In the beloning music video (5:20 min., Director: Can Özev) Sarah provides partial insights into her own past of physical and psychical violence, but shares other women’s experiences as well.
In doing so, she is supported by actor Patrick Moelleken, who is embodying her male counterpart.

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