Storytel Original »Love Between The Lines«

»Love between the lines« by Laurie Jixon. A Storytel Original starring Leonie Landa and Patrick Mölleken. Available from 27th May 2022.

What if your great love is a fictional character? And what if history has other plans than your heart? Tanned skin, the white festival ribbon still around her wrist and up to her knees in Jayden’s oversized hoodie, Juna is certain: Jayden is her great love and she was with him – in a book. She immediately starts fighting for a reunion, not knowing that she’s already part of the sequel. Just like her mother and Nick’s stormy blue eyes, which will soon have a dangerous effect on her. Can Juna change the course of history this time, or is it too late? “What if I can’t?” “If you can’t what?” “Forgive you.” © Storytel Original